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Equipment that must be obtained in the WOW Classic Priest upgrade

Ranged damage Shadow Priests are great at PvP and provide a powerful boss debuff in raids. But most raid groups will only use a single Shadow Priest, since players can only apply the debuff once.

Unlike Shadow, healing Priests are one of the best classes in the game. Their healing in raids and dungeons make them a top pick for any group. Their only drawbacks are their low health and inability to move around the battlefield quickly.

It is not easy for the priest to upgrade in WOW Classic. Discipline and Holy talent are generally used before level 40, and Shadow talent will be used after level 40, but no matter what method you use, if you can get good equipment in the early stage, it will be greatly Improve your efficiency.

Although there are many types of equipment, it is not a choice. U4GM will list some necessary equipment for your reference. Equipment that is not on these lists can be exchanged for Gold in the auction house or used to upgrade the Enchanting level.

Must-have equipment…

WOW Classic The most detailed Priest PVE/PVP exclusive weapon mission guide - 3

In the previous article, we explained in detail the 'The Eye of Divinity' mission process. After getting the 'The Eye of Divinity' from the box dropped by Majordomo Executus, Priest must equip it to get the next clue.

This clue will tell you that when Undead Scourge invaded, there was a Priest - Eris Havenfire trying to save some farmers from fleeing, but under the attack of Undead Scourge, she failed. You have to complete her unfinished business.

U4GM will detail how to complete the task based on this clue in the next article.

Go to Stratholme and look for Eris Havenfire, a hole in the northwest of Stratholme, with coordinates <22,18>. This Priest can only be seen after you have equipped the 'The Eye of Divinity'. Listen to her story about her. If you agree to help her, you can receive a mission that only succeeds and does not fail - protect the farmer get away.

Eris Havenfire Location

You must always wear 'The Eye of Divinity' throughout the missi…

Detailed analysis of WOW Classic Shadow-Priest PVP attribute priority levels

The Shadow Priest is entertainment as one of the best Solo PvP Classes in all of Classic WoW, with a range of powerful offensive spells. But Shadow Priests aren't known just for their "face-melting damage", they are extremely extremely tough to take down, thanks to defensive Spells such as Power Word: Shield, Inner Fire, and flat damage reduction from Shadowform.

Shadow Priest first understands which attributes you need in PVP, optimizes the attributes you don't need, and keeps you in top shape. Next, U4GM will analyze the attribute data required by Shadow Priest in PVP. If you have not considered this problem again, this article will provide you with some reference.

PVP advantages:
1. Powerful physical damage reduction feature, Shadow-Priest can be used as a Platemail professional instead of Cloth Armor under the BUFF of Shadowform and Inner Fire.

2. Efficient two-way dispersal, with offensive dispersal and defensive dispelling makes Shadow-Priest difficult to be lim…

WOW Classic Priest's most comprehensive Race detailed analysis - 2

WOW Classic is about to open. Regarding the question of Priest choosing Race, in the previous article, we compare the attributes between different Races. Here U4GM will further analyze the Race suitable for Priest according to different camps.

Human Priest
High spiritual attributes, quick recovery of MP, and Desperate Prayer with instant blood supply, Race talent - Diplomacy, can speed up the acquisition of reputation, for the generally poor Priest, can save a lot of Gold and time to improve reputation.
These have created a great candidate for therapists. In fact, the main treatment for many unions is Human-Priest.

It must be said that Dwarf-Priest gave the Alliance raid great convenience, and Fear Ward made a great contribution to the survival of the tank and the control of hatred.
Many of the fearful Boss have vanished under Dwarf-Priest's Fear Ward. Stoneform allows you to solve a poison and bleeding, add weight to your survival, and have the talent to find tr…

How does WOW Classic Priest choose the right business skills?

Trying to decide which WoW Classic professional to play? Leveling from 1-60 takes a considerably amount of time, and there are no ‘trial characters’ in vanilla, so choosing the right class up front is more important than it is on Live.

Next, U4gm will use the Priest class to analyze the characteristics of different professions. You can choose your favorite professional skills according to this standard.

Professional skills analysis:
1.Mining and Herbalism: Priest basically uses the Holy talent after 60, this talent does not have the ability to face danger alone in the wild. If you like Mining and Herbalism very much, it is better to practice a Rogue trumpet, which is not recommended for Priest.

2. Tailoring: The pre-package and Faith series suits are basically useless in the later stage, because the finished materials are not cheap, and upgrading the Tailoring skills requires a lot of cloth. If you have enough WOW Classic Gold, after making the Faith suit, You can give up Tailoring.


New To Classic Gold? Begin With These Excellent Tips

Classic Gold is a subject that is gaining a lot of popularity today. If you want to start becoming as successful as a lot of other people are through it, then search no further. The key to being successful with Classic Gold is to always learn as much as you can. When you do that, you can form your own unique strategies for success.

Don't think you can create uncharted success. The Classic WOW Gold market is a vastly complicated place that the gurus have been analyzing for many years. You most likely will not find success if you do not follow already proven strategies. Know best practices and use them.

Once the game is released and people start getting gold, will anyone be interested in gold trading between retail and classics? Will people consider accepting classic gold? U4N think 2 wow tokens (2 months of game time) worth 500-1000 grams.

Some players think this is not a very good trading rate, more like the classic token = 100 grams.

For a long time, 500-1k gold will become the c…

WOW Classic Paladin's occupational characteristics and employment situation

The total number of players who choose Paladin in WOW Classic is not a lot. This is because Paladin's own development has great limitations during this period. In PVE, only Holy talent can be selected to enter Raid.

Next U4N will conduct a career analysis of Paladin from both PVE and PVP.

PVE aspect:
Simply give up on DPS. If Exorcism can be used against any hostile target like the later version, and Crusader Strike is still there, Paladin's DPS is still very impressive.
The problem is, there is no, even if you graduated from the DPS equipment, except for Naxxramas, who can barely enter the 2 echelon, the other Raids still have no output.

In fact, Paladin's combat mode in the 80-level full version is not the same as the Charge Intercept. Like Warrior, it is XX + Whirlwind. If you like this way of fighting, it is better to play Warrior.

Overall, the 60 version of Retribution Paladin had a career opportunity of 0 in the former mid-term team Raid.

In terms of treatment, Paladi…

WOW Classic Mage PVP Talent Guide - Fire

In the later part of the version, because the T3 level equipment makes the legal damage completely out of control, full BUFF+ mixture + battlefield violent mage, Fireball's normal damage can reach 2500~3000, crit is killing everything, the aforementioned Frost, Fire each The instant skill is half a day's damage, not as good as a 3 second cast Fireball.

Fire talent program

The talent in the red box must be activated, everything else for the Fireball, Fire Blast, Pyroblast service.

Critical Mass(3/3)
Increases the critical hit rate of Fire spells.

Fire Power (5/5)
Increases the damage of Fire spells.

Ignite (5/5)
After the fire spell crit, it will cause damage to the enemy.

Blast Wave (1/1)
Control skills to stun the enemy for 6 seconds.

When the enemy is dizzy, you can use Pyroblast, or use two Fireballs, as long as you hit the enemy, you can almost end the battle.

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WOW Classic Mage's occupational characteristics and employment situation

Mage in WOW Classic is a player with more choices. Although there are many Mages in the game, the gap between them is very large. Some Mage is very powerful. Both PVP and PVE perform very well, but some Mage. But not.

The reason for this is the quality of the operation, people often call Mage "operation magnifying glass."

PVE aspect:
Although the employment opportunities are not too many, they are not too small, as long as you have enough WOW Classic Gold to buy potions. But the competition for equipment is huge, first because Mage is too many, and secondly, in addition to Mana Igniting Cord, you need Warlock.

DPS has always been in the leading position. When the Molten Core was opened, because of the BOSS mechanism and the falling of equipment, Rogue has neither a good output environment nor good output equipment, so Mage has become the highest professional output.

Team output operations are the easiest in all occupations, you just need to let yourself die, control the CDs o…