Equipment that must be obtained in the WOW Classic Priest upgrade

Ranged damage Shadow Priests are great at PvP and provide a powerful boss debuff in raids. But most raid groups will only use a single Shadow Priest, since players can only apply the debuff once.

Unlike Shadow, healing Priests are one of the best classes in the game. Their healing in raids and dungeons make them a top pick for any group. Their only drawbacks are their low health and inability to move around the battlefield quickly.

It is not easy for the priest to upgrade in WOW Classic. Discipline and Holy talent are generally used before level 40, and Shadow talent will be used after level 40, but no matter what method you use, if you can get good equipment in the early stage, it will be greatly Improve your efficiency.

Although there are many types of equipment, it is not a choice. U4GM will list some necessary equipment for your reference. Equipment that is not on these lists can be exchanged for Gold in the auction house or used to upgrade the Enchanting level.

Must-have equipment: Wand
Level 5 and Level 13 have green quality Wand can be used, they are made by enchantment, you may have to spend some Gold purchases, the sooner you get the better, they will make your level increase quickly.
In the beginning, it is best to buy some WOW Classic Gold properly. Gold will be used in many places, and they have a great help to upgrade the level.

Level 23 Blackfathom Deeps
It is strongly recommended to put down everything in your hands at level 23 and go to Blackfathom Deeps. This place is easy to get lost. It is recommended to find a friend who is familiar with the environment to lead the way.
Find Dungeon
Inside the npc'Argent Guard Thaelrid', receive the 'Blackfathom Villainy' mission, the task requires you to get the Head of Kelris,

Level 23 can receive this mission, rewarding 'Gravestone Scepter', blue quality.
Weapon attributes:
30 - 57 Shadow Damage Speed ​​1.50
( DPS 29.0 )
+1 Spirit
+5 Shadow Resist
Durability 65 / 65

It is no exaggeration to say that this weapon can be used at level 40 + and must be obtained.

Optional equipment
Level 18 Leaders of the Fang mission
Reward Crescent Staff Blue Quality
47 - 71 Damage Speed ​​2.90
(20.3 damage per second)
+7 Intellect
+7 Spirit
+7 Stamina
Durability 90 / 90
Find Nara Wildmane to pick up the mission at Thunder Bluff.

Level 24 Arugal Must Die mission
Reward Seal of Sylvanas Blue Quality
Finger ring
+8 Stamina
+3 Power
Find the Dalar Dawnweaver pick-up task at Silverpine Forest

Level 26 Rig Wars mission,
Reward Civinad Robes Blue Quality
Chest cloth
54 armor
+18 Spirit
+7 Stamina
Durability 80 / 80
Find Nogg to receive the mission in Orgrimmar

Level 29 A Vengeful Fate mission
Reward Berylline Pads Blue Quality
39 point armor
+6 Spirit
+5 Stamina
+10 Intellect
Durability 50 / 50
Find Auld Stonespire to pick up the mission at Thunder Bluff

Level 33 Into The Scarlet Monastery Mission
Reward Prophetic Cane or Dragon's Blood Necklace, Prophetic Cane is recommended, other missions have better necklace rewards
Prophetic Cane Blue Quality
Deputy item
+12 Intellect
+5 Stamina
Finding Varmathras in Undercity to receive the mission

Level 37 Bring the End mission
Reward Amberglow Talisman
Neck necklace
+1 Agility
+10 Spirit
+7 Stamina
Get Andrew Brownell's mission in Undercity

Level 44 Necklace Recovery Mission
This is a long series of tasks, followed by - Necklace Recovery, Take 2 - Translating the Journal - Find the Gems and Power Source - Deliver the Gems - Necklace Recovery, Take 3
After all the missions are completed, you will get a very nice blue quality necklace - Jarkal's Enhancing Necklace
Neck necklace
+1 Intellect
+10 Spirit
+10 Stamina
Find Dran Droffers to pick up the mission in Orgrimmar

U4gm recommends not wasting time in dungeon before level 60. Each dungeon is played once and the main line task is done. The raid after level 60 is where you get the equipment.

For more guidance, please read the WOW Classic Career Guide


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