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WOW Clasic Mage's most accessible high Intellect gear

Mage, as a popular career in WOW Classic, is the one that everyone pays the most attention to. Unique professional advantages and the ability to kill Boss alone, whether it is to bring others to upgrade, or earn Gold, can be easily completed. The most important thing is that after U4gm experiments, Frost-Mage does not have high requirements for equipment. You only need to buy some cheap ones at the auction house and add Intellect and Stamina equipment to kill some mobs and bosses alone.

There are many differences in mechanics and diversity in gameplay. The advantages that led to Mage were clear. So the number of Mages is much higher than in other occupations. Of course, the disadvantages are also obvious. Mage's difficulty in upgrading equipment is far greater than in other professions.

In the team, the price of Mage equipment is many times higher than in other professions. So killing Boss alone is a better way for Mage. And in the current version, it is not difficult to kill Boss…

WOW Classic Alterac Valley Horde winning tactics

Players who like to play Alterac Valley will find that most of the Alliance will now adopt the method of defending the bridge. Still, if the advantage is too significant, Alliance will directly over the midfield, then burn the tower, and finally, kill the general.

In this case, the Frostwolf village has too many design bugs, so Alliance players can quickly jump over the protective wall and enter the town. In this way, Horde players can only retreat to the ample room. The Horde player is equivalent to giving up all resources, and the materials obtained cannot be turned in, resulting in a slow rise in reputation. Horde has two other defense methods, that is, defensive slopes and defensive sentry towers.

The slope is a slope in front of the general's house. It is the only way to the rear of Horde. Alliance players must rush to the high ground to burn the tower and occupy the cemetery. The land type here is similar to the Alliance Bridge. Although the land type is not long, it is not …

WOW Classic Warsong Gulch Winning Guide

Warsong Gulch in WOW Classic requires the player's strategy and cooperation to win. As long as the player's strategy is proper, holding the flag three times in a row will let the opponent lose his temper. Although the battlefield situation is ever-changing, as long as the player responds reasonably, he may win. U4gm introduces some winning experiences of Warsong Gulch through some practices.

Warsong Gulch mechanism
Warsong Gulch is a 10 VS 10 map. The top and bottom shapes are equivalent. The base will refresh the speed of BUFF, which can increase your movement speed. The two cabins outside the door will stimulate the rage and heal BUFF. Furious buff remembers to give the highest DPS class in the team. After the battle begins, if you have low health, remember to use healing BUFF. Also, when you see the other person's buff refresh, remember to eat it, do not leave it to the other person.

Winning experience
1. At the beginning of the battle, try not to let everyone impact the …

WOW Classic Warsong Gulch Hunter battle experience sharing

WOW, Classic has opened the battlefield mode, which has reduced many bloodsheds in the wild. After a period of testing, U4gm brings you some of Hunter's experience in Warsong Gulch.

What are the advantages of Hunter?
First of all, Hunter is a mobile radar in the battlefield. When entering the battlefield, look at the names of the key occupations on the opposite side, such as a therapist, and the main force of capturing the flag-Druid, it is beneficial to remind your teammates.

Secondly, Hunter can draw the opponent's magic value, and in Warsong Gulch, the pet will not disappear because Hunter runs too far. While you are bringing the healer's mana, you can keep your pet chasing and attacking him. The pet will resurrect as the character resurrects, and the loyalty will not decrease. However, it should not appear that if you keep your pet chasing the enemy, you will not be able to leave the battle after using Feign Death. It requires attention.

Finally, Hunter has the Aspect o…

Classic WOW Priest Wilderness Survival Guide-1

Recently, I have seen a lot of Priest consultations. Regarding how to survive in the wild and obtain honor, U4gm combines its own experience and actual combat summary here, hoping to give some reference to Priest players.

The Priest is alone in the PVP core in the wild:
1. Find the right target to attack actively.

2. Avoid multiplayer melee PVP occasions.

3. Continuously weaken the opponent in the fight, Engineering + Potion, use all means, you have no mercy in the battle.

4. Stay mobile at all times and don't stand by the enemy's body.

Item preparation:
1. Major required to study-Engineering.

2. Majors Majors We Can Study-Alchemy or Enchanting or Mining.

3. There must be a certain number of Major Healing Potion, Major Mana Potion, Free Action Potion, Restorative Potion, Elixir of Superior Defense, Elixir of Greater Intellect, Iron Grenade, Discombobulator Ray in the backpack.

4. It recommended preparing some goblin bombs, Limited Invulnerability Potion, Goblin Rocket Helmet, Go…

WOW Classic Priest's latest battlefield talent plan

Blizzard recently announced that Classic WOW would soon open the battlefield mode. Today U4gm will recommend a Priest battlefield talent solution for the upcoming battlefield.

The idea of ​​Priest's talent on the battlefield is to use a combination of Discipline and Holy to defeat the enemy with a powerful healing effect and a high amount of spell damage.

Discipline Solution

Unbreakable Will (5/5)
Reduced time under enemy control

Improved Power Word: Fortitude (1/2)
Only one point added here to increase the upper limit of health. It does not need to fill. There are more critical talents to be activated later, and talent points cannot wast.

Improved Power Word: Shield (3/3)
This talent should fill to increase the shield's absorption of damage.

Martyrdom (2/2)
Keep you from being interrupted while casting magic. This talent can determine the outcome at critical moments.

Inner Focus (1/1)
When activated, casting any magic does not consume mana, and increases Spell Crit by 25%, but…

Classic WOW Mage alone kills Ok'thor the Breaker guide

What U4gm shared today is how Mage killed Ok'thor the Breaker alone. Ok'thor the Breaker is a boss in the Blackrock Depths arena. He is critical to Mage because he will drop Ban'thok Sash. Early in the team activity, it was a belt that many Mages wanted.

Ban'thok Sash
Waist Cloth
43 Armor
+10 Stamina
+11 Intellect
Durability 30/30
Requires level 49
Equip: Increases your chance to hit enemies by 1%.
Equip: Increases the damage and healing of all spells and magic effects by up to 12 points.

There are six bosses in the Blackrock Depths arena. Ok'thor the Breaker is just one of them. Every time you enter the park, only one boss appears randomly. Whether you can meet Ok'thor, the Breaker depends on luck.

If the Boss you encounter is not Ok'thor the Breaker, then leave here. Since the gate of the arena close at this time, you can return to the character selection interface, enter the game again, and reset Blackrock Depths Dungeon.

Ok'thor the Breaker location