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WOW Classic Paladin Equipment From 25 To 35

In the previous article, U4gm introduced the equipment that Paladin needed at level 1-25 (link at the bottom of the article), and today I will continue to introduce the equipment that Paladin needs at level 25-35.

Level 25-30
Strike of the Hydra
Hands, sword
67 - 102 Damage Speed ​​3.30
(DPS 25.6)
Durability 100 / 100
Requires Level 26
Possible hits: Corrosive acid, dealing 7 damage to the target every 3 sec and reducing your armor by 50 for 30 sec.
How to get it: Aku'mai in Blackfathom Deeps drops, with a drop probability of 20%.

Aku'mai location

Pugilist Bracers
Wrist Mail Armor
95 point armor
+8 Power
+3 Stamina
Durability 40 / 40
Requires level 25
How to get it: The mobs in Razorfen Kraul fall, with a drop probability of 0.01%-0.16%.

Girdle of Golem Strength
Waist Mail Armor
128 point armor
+12 Power
Durability 40 / 40
Requires level 28
Equip: Increases your defensive ability by 3.
How to get it: The mobs in the wild fall, they are many kinds, the distribution range is very wide, …

WOW Classic Paladin Battleground Tactics Guides - Warsong Gulch

This is the first and most popular battleground out there. It is basic game of capture the flag where the first team to infiltrate the enemy base three times and take their banner back to their base wins. Warsong Gulch is divided into three different battle zones. Your base, which must be defended at all times. The front lines in the middle of the battleground where most of the fighting will take place. And the enemy base where you will hack and slash through the defense to reach their flag. Each of these zones will require you to take a different role.

The base defense is usually held by classes that can cause havoc to the enemy. The only disruption ability you have is Hammer of Justice which can only be used once every minute so this is not a great place for you. If you stay here your best option of helping is to heal the defenders so they can last longer. Since most disrupters are usually warlocks and priests that fall fast extra healing is very useful.

The frontline between the tw…

WOW Classic Paladin 1V1 PVP Guides - 2

In the previous article we introduced the detailed guide to Paladin VS Druid and Hunter in PVP. Today U4gm will continue to share the PVP guide for Paladin VS Mage and Shaman.

Mages have high damage but  blow  through their mana fast and once their dry they are defenseless. This is a pretty typical duration battle where you wait for your opponents mana to run out before taking  them down.

If their body becomes encased in bluish light though they are using Invocation and will regenerate a lot of their mana. Hit them or Judge them to interrupt the channeling as quickly as you can. Keep Blessing of Wisdom on yourself and judge  the enemy for wisdom so you can keep up your mana with regular melee strikes.

Healing is the most important part  of  winning against a mage. They can deal huge damage and you will most likely not have enough resist gear to make a difference. While healing though you should use Flash  of Light not Holy Light because of the mages Counterspell ability. By using …

WOW Classic Healing as a Paladin Guides

Here is a reason that healing gets its own section. Despite the fact that we have only two healing spells and no heals over time, paladins are some of the best single target healers in the game. Given the right gear and talent spec we can match or surpass the healing of a priest with no real loss of our incredible longevity and survivability. When in a large scale group or raid your job is not to main heal but to back up heal, throwing an occasional heal out to supplement the priests and prevent them from creating to much agro. First let’s cover our two healing spells. Holy light and Flash of Light.

Healing Spells
Having only two healing spells really does limit our ability to heal. But it also means that we only have to worry about making two decisions. The difference between your two healing spells is their casting time, mana cost and the amount they heal. Holy light has a 2.5 second casting time and heals a lot. Flash of light on the other hand has only a 1.5 second casting time and…

WOW Classic Shaman Professional characteristics analysis guide

Shaman is the second good friend of the Warrior in WOW Classic.

PVE aspect:
Enhancement is the highest occupation for a single attack, if you are lucky. It doesn't make sense for long-term BOSS battles, and it can't effectively control the damage burst, which can't effectively control Boss hatred. When you attack Boss, if your Windfury+Stormstrike has Critical Strike effect, the tank will not be able to control Boss hatred. This is something that may lead to death. And the life of Enhancement is a problem, the full-level Shock is reluctant to play, many teams will not be interested when you hear that you are Enhancement.

Enhancement's gameplay is relatively mature in WOW Classic, the quality of talent is also relatively perfect, and there is enough equipment support in the later game. But still the problem, the damage broke out in a while, but the duration is not long. Only the Level 1 Lightning Bolt can be used in the absence of MP, so it only exists in PVP.


The best equipment guide for the WOW Classic PVE Shamans upgrade process - 5

In the previous articles, U4gm introduced the better equipment before the Shaman 50, and will enter the final stage today, the introduction of shaman 50-60 equipment.

Level 50-55
The Nicker
Hands axe
159 - 239 Damage Speed ​​4.00
(DPS 49.8)
Durability 100 / 100
Requires level 53
Possible hits: 50 to 151 damage to the target and 6 damage every 1 second for the next 25 seconds.
Good two-handed axe for enhancement shamans.
How to get it: Spirestone Battle Lord in Blackrock Spire drops, with a 60% drop probability.

Spirestone Battle Lord location

Spirestone Battle Lord is the lower Boss of Blackrock Spire, which appears randomly next to Highlord Omokk. The picture shows the location of Highlord Omokk. If you find him, you can find the Spirestone Battle Lord.

Main hand
76 - 142 Damage Speed ​​2.80
(DPS 38.9)
Durability 90 / 90
Requires Level 54
When hitting: Draw 10 target health every 5 sec and transfer it to the caster for 25 sec.
Good one-handed axe for Enhancement shamans.
How to g…

The best equipment guide for the WOW Classic PVE Shamans upgrade process - 4

In the previous article, U4gm introduced Shaman's better equipment before level 40. If you got them, that's the best thing. If you don't have it, don't worry, upgrade is just a transitional stage. Today we will introduce Shaman. Better equipment in the 40-50 class.

Level 40-45
Kang the Decapitator
Hands axe
136 - 205 damage speed 3.60
(DPS 47.4)
Durability 120 / 120
Requires Level 44
Possible hit: Causes the target's wound to bleed continuously, inflicting 560 damage in 30 seconds.
Solid two-handed axe for enhancement shaman
How to get it: The Glassweb Spider in Searing Gorge drops, with a drop probability of 0.03%.

Glassweb Spider location

The Glassweb Spider is rated between 43-45. It is the lowest-ranking monster among the monsters that drop the Kang the Decapitator. The number of the Searing Gorge is relatively large, and the distribution range is relatively large, which is relatively easy to kill.

The Chief's Enforcer
118 - 178 Damage Speed ​​3.40
(DPS 43…

The best equipment guide for the WOW Classic PVE Shamans upgrade process - 3

In the previous article, we introduced the weapons and equipment that are best for Shaman before level 30. Today U4gm will continue to share the equipment in Shaman's equipment in the later level. If you are Shaman, I hope to help you!

Level 30-35
Fiery War Axe
Hands axe
93 - 141 Damage Speed ​​2.90
(DPS 40.3)
Durability 120 / 120
Requires level 35
Possible when hit: Fires a fireball to attack the target, dealing 155 to 198 Fire damage and dealing an additional 24 damage in 6秒.
Is a great two-handed axe for enhancement shamans.
How to get it: The Hatefury Trickster in Desolace drops, with a drop probability of 0.03%.

Hatefury Trickster location

Fiery War Axe doesn't only have Hatefury Trickster falling in the game, there are many monsters that will drop Fiery War Axe, but at Level 30-35, only killing Hatefury Trickster is the best way to get it. Other monster levels are More than 38, and are elite monsters, difficult to obtain, only the level of the Hatefury Trickster is between 3…

The best equipment guide for the WOW Classic PVE Shamans upgrade process - 2

In the previous article, we introduced Shaman 1-20 equipment, they are all blue quality, today u4gm want to share the 20-30 level equipment, although some are better equipment, but it does not mean To get them, here is just a suggestion, because some equipment is a bit difficult to get.

Of course, there are also relatively easy to get equipment with good attributes at the same time, I hope to give you a reference.

Level 20-25
Hands axe
55 - 84 Damage Speed ​​3.20
(DPS 21.7)
Durability 95 / 95
Requires level 21
Possible hit: Causes the target's wound to bleed, causing 100 damage in 30 seconds.
How to get it: Kill the monster and drop it, the probability of falling is 0.05%.

It's a solid two-handed axe for enhancement shamans. But the drop probability is very low, if you want, it is recommended to go to AH to buy.

53 - 80 damage speed 2.80
(DPS 23.8)
+10 Stamina
+11 Power
Durability 100 / 100
How to get it: Kill the monster to drop, the maximum probability i…

The best equipment guide for the WOW Classic PVE Shamans upgrade process - 1

Shamans gets a lot of different weapons and armor during the upgrade of WOW Classic. These kinds of items make many people unable to make choices. But don't worry, U4gm lists some good things that can help Shamans. Of course, they are just a guide and not all.

Level 1-15
The equipment you are going to get at this level are grays and whites. You go through these level so quickly that any money spent buying equipment at this level is a total waste. Even vendor armor is not worth it. Keep doing quests and use the equipment that drops from mobs.

Level 15-20
Blackened Defias Armor
Chest leather blue quality
92 point armor
+11 Stamina
+3 agile
+4 power
Durability 90 / 90
Requires level 19
How to get it: Edwin VanCleef in The Deadmines drops, with a drop probability of 20%.

Edwin VanCleef location:

In addition to Blackened Defias Armor, there are Blackened Defias Leggings, Blackened Defias Gloves, Blackened Defias Boots and Blackened Defias Belt.
This is a series of suits. Wearing more than 2…

WOW Classic The most detailed Shaman Group PvP Guides

A shaman's versatility can greatly aid a group in the PvP setting. Save your teammate with a quick heal. Do a massive windfury critical hit that your opponent is not expecting. Or, stand back and  throw  lightning bolts like Zeus himself. The opposite side of the coin is that you are expected to use all those abilities to help the group out. You should be throwing heals when you can, or when it is an emergency.

You should be countering spell casters with earth shock. Remember, shamans are true jacks of all trades. Even an enhancement shaman can do some amount of healing.

Healing and Support
Shamans are in a group for support. They many be the main person dealing damage with spells, but you are still expected to help out with heals when you get a  chance,  or with emergency heals. You are also expected to use your totems when needed. Watch your teammates. If you are not the main healer, I would talk to the main healer when he starts to heal team members. This way, if someone gets too…

WOW Classic Raiding Guide AS A Shaman

Raiding is the PVE pinnacle of what can be done in World of Warcraft. Raiding is all about the group effort and the group gaining as a whole. PvP individuals only have to worry about four other people. In raids, you are one of 10, 24, or 40 people. Raiding is time consuming and shows devotion to the group, and often times to the guild.

Once you start raiding you are going to want to start finding some good raid related Add-Ons. The other big thing that a lot of the regular raiders have is a program called Ventrilo. Ventrilo is a Voice over IP (VoIP) group communications software. This allows players to communicate via headsets, which allows faster response times than typing in game.

With all of that said, let's move on to what shamans actually do. Shamans are a hybrid class of warrior, mage, and priest. How you choose your talents will determine what kind of shaman you are. The three most common names for shamans are: Restoration shamans, Elemental Shamans, and Enhancement shamans

Detailed analysis of the most commonly used defensive skills of WOW Classic Shamans

Shamans is a profession in WOW Classic, and in the current version, only Horde can own it. Shamans not only has the ability to attack and heal at the same time, but also has magical defenses like Mage and Priest. In the previous article, we detailed the totem properties of Shamans. Next, U4GM will perform some of the most common magical defense skills of Shamans. Detailed description.

Elemental Shields
Elemental shields are an important  buff that shamans have. The shields are primarily for the shaman, but earth shield is commonly used on someone else in the group. Elemental shields can make a big difference in fights when used correctly.

Lightning Shield
Lightning shield is first obtained at level eight. When cast, this spell places a buff on the shaman that has  three  charges.  Whenever the shaman is hit with a spell, melee, or ranged attack, one of the charges will discharge, and the attack will be hit with XX amount of nature based damage. Only one charge can be discharged  every c…