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The most commonly used potions and usage plans for Classic WOW PVP

In Classic WOW, complex and changeable PVP attracts many players with unique charm. In the previous article, U4gm introduced how to obtain the props often used in PVP. This article will specifically talk about the most commonly used potions in PVP. And how to get them.

Major Healing Potion
Heal 1050 ~ 1751 health. (2 minutes cooling)

Made by Alchemy, it requires Recipe: Major Healing Potion, which can purchase from Evie Whirlbrew of Winterspring.

Materials required: Golden Sansam (2), Mountain Silversage (1), Crystal Vial (1)

PVP instructions: This is the most commonly used consumable in PVP. It can save you from death at critical moments.

Evie Whirlbrew location

Major Mana Potion
Recover 1350 ~ 2251 mana. (2 minutes cooling)

Made by Alchemy, it requires Recipe: Major Mana Potion, Darkmaster Handling in Scholomance to drop, 10% drop probability, or go to Western Plaguelands and buy from Magnus Frostwake in Caer Darrow Blacksmith.

Materials required: Dreamfoil (3), Icecap (2), Crystal Vi…

The most commonly used props and usage scenarios of Classic WOW PVP - 1

The props in Classic WOW are an exciting part of PVP. In the previous article, U4gm briefly cited some frequently used accessories. In this article, We will analyze the props exemplified during the last, including the effects of props. How to get them and how to use them in PVP.

Iron Grenade
Inflicts 132 to 219 Fire damage to all enemies within a 3-yard radius and stuns them for 3 seconds. Any damage will interrupt this effect.

How to get it: Made by Engineering, you can learn from the trainer.
Materials required: Iron Bar (1), Heavy Blasting Powder (1), Silk Cloth (1).

PVP instructions: Engineering (175) required for consumables. It can use while moving, and the landing point determined as the moment of shooting, not the moment of reading the bar. Therefore, it is necessary to predict the position where the opponent will arrive sooner. You can use more advanced Thorium Grenade to replace it to get more significant damage and lower resistance probability.

Thorium Grenade
Deals 300 to 50…

Classic WoW's best PVP career rankings

The current classic World of Warcraft enters the second stage, and the long-awaited PvP honor system of U4gm officially launched, which will stimulate the development of wild PvP across the Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor. Although the battlefield is not yet open, players will still flock to Hillsbrad Foothills, Stranglethorn Vale, and other controversial areas.

Each career has a different talent plan, and various talent programs will form different PVP programs. Some specialized occupations will cause more harm, provide more treatment effects, or provide better skills tools for specific situations. You can give each class more opportunities to prove yourself because they can better use all of their spells and tolerance.

There are many different situations in PVP. The purpose of U4gm is not to tell you the fun you should consider or decide what to play. Many players will be happy when they compete in less competitive competitions, and players who are proficient in PvP will always find a …

WOW Classic Restoration Druid's Easiest Access - 4

WOW Classic has entered the second phase and opened Dire Maul. In this article, U4gm will introduce the last jewelry and weapons that Restoration Druid needs, including the professional jewelry in Dire Maul. Although it is relatively easy to obtain equipment, it can also improve a lot of treatment effects.

Second Wind
Requires Level 54
Use: Restores 30 mana every 1 sec for 10 sec. (15 minutes cooling)
Equipment: Increases the healing effect of spells by up to 22.
Golem Lord Argelmach in Blackrock Depths drops, with an 8% drop probability.

Golem Lord Argelmach location

Briarwood Reed
Requires level 55
Equipment: Increases the damage and healing of all spells and spells, up to 29 points.
The Jed Runewatcher in the upper layer of Blackrock Spire drops, the probability of falling is 33.33%. Jed Runewatcher is a rare elite, not every time. When entering the top layer of Blackrock Spire, use "/tar Stonespine" to check if he appears, if not, you need to reset the Dungeon.

WOW Classic Restoration Druid's Easiest Access - 1

After U4gm's statistics, the most challenging jobs in WOW Classic are Mage and Rogue, because the population of these two occupations is too much, and Druid is easier to get equipment than these two occupations.

U4gm is mainly introduced here to prepare for the Raid pre-equipment. The preparations listed below are the best equipment that can be obtained outside the massive Raid after the full level.

Equipment property selection basis:
Therapeutic effect >= 5 seconds to restore magic > Intellect > Spirit > Crit

Cassandra's Grace
Head Cloth Armor
55 armor
+9 Spirit
+7 Stamina
Durability 50 / 50
Requires level 42
Equipment: Increases the healing power of spells by up to 44.

In the early stages, it has the highest therapeutic effect.
Don't worry about conflicts with other treatment professions, because this is the equipment that the elite monsters drop, the difficulty is minimal, you don't need to enter Raid, you can buy them directly at the auction house, and…

WOW Classic Restoration Druid Talent Guide

In the previous article, U4gm introduced the ranking of the property and attribute priority of Restoration Druid, and then U4gm will explain the talent scheme of Restoration Druid.

Depending on the situation, Restoration Druid's talent has three options: Small Dungeon, Multi-person treatment, and Crit treatment. U4gm will introduce each of these three different solutions.

Small Dungeon talent

This is the most common solution for small Dungeon.

Improved Mark of the Wild directly increases the tank's armor value and increases the tank's chance of survival.

Subtlety can reduce the threat value of healing spells. In the previous article, U4gm analyzed this skill. In actual combat, Subtlety did not play a significant role, because for Boss, before the tank died, The threat value of the tank is the biggest, so there is no need to waste skill points on this talent.

Improved Tranquility is also not required. In the five-person Dungeon, your most important job is to treat the tank.


WOW Classic's Latest Balance Druid Equipment Guide - 2

In the previous article, U4gm introduced the equipment that Balance Druid needed after opening Dire Maul, including the head, necklace, shoulders, clothes, cloak, and Gloves. Although most of these equipments are Cloth Armor, Their properties are perfect for Balance Druid, and if you want to get them you will have to compete with Mage, Warlock and Priest.

Today's article will continue to introduce the rest, including Belts, Pants, Shoes, Rings and Accessories.

Attribute priority: Hit>Spell Crit>Spell Damage>Intellect>Agility.

There are two options for the belt, Ban'thok Sash and Mana Igniting Cord, Ban'thok Sash Increased Spell Hit, and Mana Igniting Cord Increased Spell Crit. If you lack the Hit attribute, it is recommended to use Ban'thok Sash if you The Hit property has reached 16% and you can choose Mana Igniting Cord.

Ban'thok Sash
Waist Cloth Armor
43 point armor
+10 Stamina
+11 Intellect
Durability 30 / 30
Requires level 49
Equip: Increases you…

WOW Classic Druid's occupational characteristics and employment situation

Druid is a profession in WOW Classic. There are only 2 races to choose from. Alliance is NightElf and Horde is Tauren. U4gm will analyze Druid from two different perspectives of PVE and PVP in the following article.

PVE aspect:
The easiest job to get is basically Restoration Druid, with up to two teams per team, which is useless. And the two Druids have to discuss who is responsible for which team, because Rejuvenation and Regrowth can only exist one person, Innervate must be used on Priest. In addition, Druid can take care of HP for many people with his own healing skills. Because the tank needs a therapist, often causing the other team's other therapists to be insufficient, or there is no therapist, the head of the team often does throw a Druid to fend for themselves, so Druid often needs to take care of many people. A skilled Druid can do a good job of caring for a group of people. In addition, Druid's most important thing in Raid is to use Mark of the Wild skills for teamma…