The fastest way to buy Growtopia Items

The many Growtopia players like to buy cheap Growtopia Items, but affordable goods do not mean that you can get it quickly or even wait longer. This will not happen if you choose EZNPC.COM, you can get cheap Growtopia Items in the fastest time.

Why EZNPC ships fast
1. EZNPC has a professional team to obtain Growtopia Items in the game, and there is ample product inventory.

2. EZNPC has a professional evaluation mechanism. When a customer purchases a product, the system will automatically record the time that the order is kept until it is wholly completed. The less time-consuming the law, the higher the score. This is directly related to the compensation of the order processor.

3. EZNPC has a professional shipping staff. After you Buy Growtopia Items on the website, the shipping staff will quickly contact you according to the information provided in the order and complete the transaction of the item.

EZNPC fast transaction data

EZNPC has proved its reliability to customers with its power…

EZNPC sells cheap Growtopia Locks

Growtopia players can get cheap Growtopia Locks on the EZNPC platform. EZNPC processes more than 1,000 orders per day. All products are legal, so don't worry about the check by the gamer.

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The chart below shows the price of EZNP and the price curve of Growtopia Locks on the market

It is not difficult to conclude from the above figure that although the price of Growtopia Locks is continually changing in the market, the amount of EZNP is always the cheapest.

Reasons for choosing EZNP
EZNPC handles a large number of orders every day, understands the needs of customers, and helps customers reduce purchase costs as much as possible.
The customer service staff is online 24 hours a day and can understand the situation at any time to help customers solve problems and reduce unnecessary waits.
The transaction speed is breakneck. After you purchase the product, the EZNPC trading staff will contact you and comp…

Growtopia Items secure transaction channel

Every day, many players choose game transactions. Among the many trading platforms, not only should they choose the cheapest, but more importantly, the security of the sale. The EZNPC platform is one of the choices to ensure safety.

Is it safe to buy Growtopia Items at EZNPC?
In the process of purchasing Growtopia Items, you only need to provide the World Name and Grow ID in the game. After-sales staff will complete the transaction based on these two information while using a secure payment method:
Paysafecard, Sofort, QIWI, etc. These are very secure payment channels, and you don't need to worry about them when using them.

If you want to terminate the transaction after payment, you can apply for a full refund without obtaining the product, or you have received some products. You can request a partial refund after communicating with the customer service staff.

Since the establishment of EZNPC, no matter how the game market changes, EZNPC always puts the customer's transaction s…

Growtopia Items best way to buy

For those who like Growtopia, you may be looking for an easy way to buy Growtopia Items to make your character increase in the game. If you are seeking, then don't miss EZNPC as it provides a fast, convenient, and safe way to purchase Growtopia Items!

EZPNC has a sufficient number of Growtopia Items. You can see the list of products here; this is what you will see after viewing the website:

Why choose EZNPC?
They offer a reasonable price, have 24/7 chat support, comprehensive after-sales service, and are trustworthy. They have been operating for six years and have achieved excellent support on TrustPilot.

EZNPC offers competitive prices for the Growtopia Items sold, which can clearly state in their product description:

A considerable number of players have already bought Growtopia Items and have conscientiously reviewed the products and website services.

For more information about EZNPC and its services, visit its website.

Escape from Tarkov's best pistol modified guides - 2

Weapon modding in Escape from Tarkov is a rather complicated affair. There's Functional Mods, Vital Parts, and Gear Mods. All have their subcategories. How to make the best choice among many categories? This needs to judge in conjunction with its situation. In the previous article, we introduced a part of the pistol modification program, and today's content will analyze the remaining standard pistol modification programs.

GLOCK18C is the brother of GLOCK17, but it can shoot continuously and has a terrible rate of fire of 1200rpm.

The standard configuration:

Because it is a brother to GLOCK17, the modification method is the same, but 18 cannot customize the upper case and Barrels, so there are fewer places that can be modified. The specific modification scheme can refer to GLOCK17.

Modification plan diagram:

The P226R is a decent pistol, and many parts can be modified.

The standard configuration:

Because many places can be modified, it recommended that you buy the …

Escape from Tarkov Best Pistol Tuning Guides

In Escape From Tarkov, the essential piece of equipment to bring in a raid is your weapon. In a small space battle, the pistol is very easy to use the gun. Flexible and fast shooting will allow you to survive in the game. How to make them perform better on the original basis? This is what will introduce a below-the modification of the pistol.

The order of pistol modification is base on the index of the flea market. As for which accessories can purchase at any level, I won't consider them for the time being, because the market has them, although the price may be a little expensive. If you want to get these accessories in the fastest time, you can consider Buy Escape from Tarkov Roubles .

1. First is the first pistol-[SR-1MP], which is often called an armor-piercing pistol. Because it is 9 * 21mm bullets, it has a specific armor-piercing ability.

As can be seen from the above parameters, there are not many places that can be modified.
Magazine: No selection, 9 * 21 mm, 18 round…

Escape from Tarkov Gun Modification Guide

In Escape from Tarkov, players can transform their firearms to make them more in line with their habits. The first main point to know is that bullets are what deal damage to players, not the guns themselves. A weapon can only be as good as the ammo it's firing. So what aspects should you pay attention to in the process of selecting gun accessories?

Firearm modification is mainly in the following two directions

In the game, ergonomics will affect the time required to raise a gun, the length of time to stop breathing after building a weapon, how loud the gun is, etc. These are actions before you shoot.

Recoil is the moment you shoot your first bullet, which determines the level of gun jitter. Recoil is divide into horizontal recoil and vertical recoil. Since Takov does not have a recoil pattern, only vertical recoil is the target here.

In actual operation, you will find that compared with ergonomics, investing in recoil is more effective, so the modification of …