The best equipment guide for the WOW Classic PVE Shamans upgrade process - 2

In the previous article, we introduced Shaman 1-20 equipment, they are all blue quality, today u4gm want to share the 20-30 level equipment, although some are better equipment, but it does not mean To get them, here is just a suggestion, because some equipment is a bit difficult to get.

Of course, there are also relatively easy to get equipment with good attributes at the same time, I hope to give you a reference.

Level 20-25
Hands axe
55 - 84 Damage Speed ​​3.20
(DPS 21.7)
Durability 95 / 95
Requires level 21
Possible hit: Causes the target's wound to bleed, causing 100 damage in 30 seconds.
How to get it: Kill the monster and drop it, the probability of falling is 0.05%.

It's a solid two-handed axe for enhancement shamans. But the drop probability is very low, if you want, it is recommended to go to AH to buy.

53 - 80 damage speed 2.80
(DPS 23.8)
+10 Stamina
+11 Power
Durability 100 / 100
How to get it: Kill the monster to drop, the maximum probability i…

The best equipment guide for the WOW Classic PVE Shamans upgrade process - 1

Shamans gets a lot of different weapons and armor during the upgrade of WOW Classic. These kinds of items make many people unable to make choices. But don't worry, U4gm lists some good things that can help Shamans. Of course, they are just a guide and not all.

Level 1-15
The equipment you are going to get at this level are grays and whites. You go through these level so quickly that any money spent buying equipment at this level is a total waste. Even vendor armor is not worth it. Keep doing quests and use the equipment that drops from mobs.

Level 15-20
Blackened Defias Armor
Chest leather blue quality
92 point armor
+11 Stamina
+3 agile
+4 power
Durability 90 / 90
Requires level 19
How to get it: Edwin VanCleef in The Deadmines drops, with a drop probability of 20%.

Edwin VanCleef location:

In addition to Blackened Defias Armor, there are Blackened Defias Leggings, Blackened Defias Gloves, Blackened Defias Boots and Blackened Defias Belt.
This is a series of suits. Wearing more than 2…

WOW Classic The most detailed Shaman Group PvP Guides

A shaman's versatility can greatly aid a group in the PvP setting. Save your teammate with a quick heal. Do a massive windfury critical hit that your opponent is not expecting. Or, stand back and  throw  lightning bolts like Zeus himself. The opposite side of the coin is that you are expected to use all those abilities to help the group out. You should be throwing heals when you can, or when it is an emergency.

You should be countering spell casters with earth shock. Remember, shamans are true jacks of all trades. Even an enhancement shaman can do some amount of healing.

Healing and Support
Shamans are in a group for support. They many be the main person dealing damage with spells, but you are still expected to help out with heals when you get a  chance,  or with emergency heals. You are also expected to use your totems when needed. Watch your teammates. If you are not the main healer, I would talk to the main healer when he starts to heal team members. This way, if someone gets too…

WOW Classic Raiding Guide AS A Shaman

Raiding is the PVE pinnacle of what can be done in World of Warcraft. Raiding is all about the group effort and the group gaining as a whole. PvP individuals only have to worry about four other people. In raids, you are one of 10, 24, or 40 people. Raiding is time consuming and shows devotion to the group, and often times to the guild.

Once you start raiding you are going to want to start finding some good raid related Add-Ons. The other big thing that a lot of the regular raiders have is a program called Ventrilo. Ventrilo is a Voice over IP (VoIP) group communications software. This allows players to communicate via headsets, which allows faster response times than typing in game.

With all of that said, let's move on to what shamans actually do. Shamans are a hybrid class of warrior, mage, and priest. How you choose your talents will determine what kind of shaman you are. The three most common names for shamans are: Restoration shamans, Elemental Shamans, and Enhancement shamans

Detailed analysis of the most commonly used defensive skills of WOW Classic Shamans

Shamans is a profession in WOW Classic, and in the current version, only Horde can own it. Shamans not only has the ability to attack and heal at the same time, but also has magical defenses like Mage and Priest. In the previous article, we detailed the totem properties of Shamans. Next, U4GM will perform some of the most common magical defense skills of Shamans. Detailed description.

Elemental Shields
Elemental shields are an important  buff that shamans have. The shields are primarily for the shaman, but earth shield is commonly used on someone else in the group. Elemental shields can make a big difference in fights when used correctly.

Lightning Shield
Lightning shield is first obtained at level eight. When cast, this spell places a buff on the shaman that has  three  charges.  Whenever the shaman is hit with a spell, melee, or ranged attack, one of the charges will discharge, and the attack will be hit with XX amount of nature based damage. Only one charge can be discharged  every c…

WOW Classic Priest must collect PVE advanced equipment — 4

Shadow Priests are provide a powerful boss debuff in raids. The treatment of Priests is the first choice for therapists in the raid. The only disadvantage of the priest is that HP is not high and there is no skill to move quickly.

About Priest's equipment and accessories, in the previous article 'WOW Classic Priest must collect PVE advanced equipment — 3' has been introduced in detail, here will introduce the most important items for Priest - weapons.

The Hammer of Grace
Main hand hammer
71 - 132 Damage Speed ​​2.70
(37.6 damage per second)
Durability 90 / 90
Requires level 52
Equipment: Increases the healing power of spells by up to 31.
How to get it: Grim Patron and Warbringer Construct in Blackrock Depths drop, Grim Patron has a drop probability of 0.02%, and Warbringer Construct has a drop probability of 0.28%.

Warbringer Construct location

Brightly Glowing Stone
Deputy item
+7 endurance
Requires level 58
Equipment: Increases the healing effect of spells by up t…

WOW Classic Priest must collect PVE advanced equipment - 2

In the previous article, we detailed some of the advanced equipment that Priest needs to collect, including heads, necklaces, shoulder pads, cloaks, breastplates, some simple analysis and detailed descriptions. How should they be obtained.

Here U4gm will give some more detailed explanations on the wristbands, gloves, belts, legrests and shoes.

Sublime Wristguards
37 point armor
+10 Intellect
+6 Spirit
+6 Stamina
Durability 30 / 30
Requires level 55
Equipment: Increases the damage and healing of all spells and spells, up to 12 points.
How to get it: Kill Guard Mol'dar or Guard Slip'kik in Dire Maul, drop probability 7.69%

Guard position

Vambraces of Prophecy
44 armor
+14 Intellect
+10 Spirit
+8 Stamina
Durability 35 / 35
Occupation: Pastor
Requires level 60
Equipment: 2 mana every 5 seconds.
Equipment: Increases the healing power of spells by up to 24 points.
How to get it: The mobs in Molten Core drop, the drop probability is 0.1%~1.2%.

Obviously, the propert…