WOW Classic Mage PVP Talent Guide - Fire

In the later part of the version, because the T3 level equipment makes the legal damage completely out of control, full BUFF+ mixture + battlefield violent mage, Fireball's normal damage can reach 2500~3000, crit is killing everything, the aforementioned Frost, Fire each The instant skill is half a day's damage, not as good as a 3 second cast Fireball.

Fire talent program

The talent in the red box must be activated, everything else for the Fireball, Fire Blast, Pyroblast service.

Critical Mass(3/3)
Increases the critical hit rate of Fire spells.

Fire Power (5/5)
Increases the damage of Fire spells.

Ignite (5/5)
After the fire spell crit, it will cause damage to the enemy.

Blast Wave (1/1)
Control skills to stun the enemy for 6 seconds.

When the enemy is dizzy, you can use Pyroblast, or use two Fireballs, as long as you hit the enemy, you can almost end the battle.

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