WOW Classic Paladin's occupational characteristics and employment situation

The total number of players who choose Paladin in WOW Classic is not a lot. This is because Paladin's own development has great limitations during this period. In PVE, only Holy talent can be selected to enter Raid.

Next U4N will conduct a career analysis of Paladin from both PVE and PVP.

PVE aspect:
Simply give up on DPS. If Exorcism can be used against any hostile target like the later version, and Crusader Strike is still there, Paladin's DPS is still very impressive.
The problem is, there is no, even if you graduated from the DPS equipment, except for Naxxramas, who can barely enter the 2 echelon, the other Raids still have no output.

In fact, Paladin's combat mode in the 80-level full version is not the same as the Charge Intercept. Like Warrior, it is XX + Whirlwind. If you like this way of fighting, it is better to play Warrior.

Overall, the 60 version of Retribution Paladin had a career opportunity of 0 in the former mid-term team Raid.

In terms of treatment, Paladin's individual treatment ability is obvious to all. With the crit as the main means of restoring MP, Paladin does not need to stop as frequently as Priest, wait for itself to recover MP, and is the only occupation in all occupations that can relieve all negative effects.

Due to the whole group blessing BUFF has a great effect on the team's promotion, employment is very easy, any team likes to have 4 or more Paladin teammates to guarantee the complete variety of blessings. Moreover, in the BOSS battle, it belongs to the plate armor remote occupation, and also Divine Shield, the survival pressure is very low, basically it is a VIP treatment. However, the disadvantage is that the team's ability to treat is zero.

PVP aspect:
Arathi Basin's VIP Heals, Alliance wants to see the career that Horde most wants to see.

When using Divine Shield, you can interrupt others while delaying the waiting time for teammates to resurrect. The Blessing of Freedom is only 4 seconds apart. With the Sacrifice skill, you can't use Polymorph: Sheep control. He also has invincible skills when concentrating firepower. He can still treat himself.

Warsong Gulch's ability is average. When the first 7V7 midfield battle, open the map, the role of Warrior in the medium-sized team battle is reduced by half, you dare Charge others will kill you. In addition, everyone knows that when the opponent resists chess, he has to desperately disperse the players, resulting in the role of Blessing of Freedom being basically zero. Blessing of Protection is very powerful but cannot give players. Especially when encountering Horde's Shaman, a Chain Lightning attacked a large piece, and Paladin had no place to play his own abilities.

As for Retribution, don't think about employment. If you don't switch to Holy, there is no team to ask you. As a melee output, the value of the injury is entirely based on luck. Not only do you need to assign a therapist to you, but you have to wait for you to sit on the floor and drink the medicine to restore the MP. The rhythm was completely disrupted.

1v1 deal with Warrior, Rogue, Mage, this kind of career without recovery means has a certain winning rate, but the profession itself is very dependent on Engineering. It does not mean that you suddenly use it once, what kind of high damage is played, but what must be used? What, because you have no output skills other than Judgement skills.

Another disadvantage is that there is no means to restore MP. The MP of 3000 or so will be completely suppressed by the occupation with MP skills. Burning out your MP, even if you can't kill you, it will make you a complete display, and the game experience is very poor.

However, Reckoning-Paladin can use the enemy to attack his own crit in the wild to accumulate Reckoning, and then kill one another with a hammer. If you like this kind of fun, you can try it.

Spell damage Paladin uses Divine Favor + Holy Shock + Judgement. If you are lucky, you can hit 2000+ damage. A single crit also has 1500 damage. Although it is a hammer sale, you can have a controllable outbreak. The small-scale PVP game is similar to the Discipline after TBC. Priest, while giving treatment to his teammates, outputs supplemental damage.

But that was after Blackwing Lair, and the Molten Core version had no spell damage to Paladin.

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