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MapleStory 2 Waterbug Park Dungeons Guide

What is brought to you today is the introduction of Waterbug Park "Pest Cleaning Campaign"!
Dungeons is located in Riddis Water Park on the island of Karkar. It mainly drops 50-level purple weapon armor and cloak belt and blue stars. Team configuration can be one Priest + three output occupations or four all output occupations, Dungeons interface is horizontal.

Just entering the Dungeons, the system will prompt "to destroy all the worms that rushed over", that is, to destroy all the monsters on the island.

There will be 2 giant snails on the first floor. When the snail is shrunk in the shell, the player can't hurt. There is a house below, and I need to lift the house up and snails in the past, so that the snail is stunned and the head is exposed and played again.

After the mobs in front are all cleaned up, they come to the last level of the layer. There will be an elite monster here, no difficulty!
It is only on the bridge that will top you up to the river. The…

Fortnite Snowfall Skin Leaks On-line

Not also extended ago, the mysterious floating ice sphere in Fortnite Battle Royale exploded and freed the Ice King to bring about a sweeping set of alterations towards the free-to-play shooter, using the character blanketing the map in snow and much more. Now, it looks as if Epic Games is set to continue this wintry theme with much more icy content material to come, as a datamine of your release's Update 7.30 has revealed the developer intends to add a skin for the title's Snowfall challenges.

The skin in query is seemingly dubbed "The Prisoner", and it had recently been embedded in ice beneath Fortnite Battle Royale's Polar Peak castle, together with the cosmetic apparently set to grow to be a reward for any players who manage to complete a total of 60 challenges all through the course of Season 7. A couple of loading screens featuring the skin have been leaked at the same time, in addition to a Padlock back bling, as well as the cosmetic's four distinct st…

MapleStory 2 Frozen Temple Clearance Raiders

What are the falling products of Frozen Temple, how difficult is it, and what are the entry conditions? Today, I will bring you a detailed explanation of Frozen Temple.

First enter the requirements of 50, equipped with 1080 points, and Illusory Pyramid, Coldwind Cave is a grade of Dungeons, so the difficulty is relatively simple, there are various professional weapons and other decomposition goods.
Unidentified girls came to Temple. The entire Temple is covered in snow and ice. It is said that the girl said that she wants to reunite with those who have been forgotten in this kingdom. What is the identity of this girl? Let us follow her into Frozen Temple!

Because it is a map of ice and snow, so the cold style, the main route is to attack the furnace to melt ice, tracking the girl Karna, so the mobs on the road can not be cleared, each door has ice block obstacles, At this time, you need to find a nearby frozen stove, let the stove melt the ice and move on.

When arriving at the center …

MapleStory 2 Coldwind Cave Dungeons Customs Guide

Here is the MapleStory 2 Coldwind Cave Dungeons clearance guide. Let's take a look.

Name: Coldwind Cave
Difficulty: ★★★★

After entering Dungeons, look for the agency, turn it off and land. Go to the underground and look for the agency, below the map. If the player who ran to the map fell into the water, please return to the original point. After opening the organ, there was a road paved with stars and went over to find the next institution. After finding the second organ, walk to the right. If you continue to go to the player, please go back to the starting point. After passing the Star Road, I went to the BOSS room.

BOSS: Vulcantop
Skill introduction
Tail hammer: The tail is swaying and hurting.

Continuous energy thorn: Vulcantop's head is white, continuous use of energy thorns, Boss decelerates for 3 seconds after use, sustained damage, high damage.

Jump: After the Vulcantop jumps, a red square appears on the ground, and when hit, it is hit and the damage is high.

Energy thor…

MapleStory 2 Blaknov No.2 Dungeons Guide

In this issue, we will bring you the MapleStory 2 Blaknov No.2 Dungeons strategy. Let's take a look at the article.

Blaknov No.2 entry instructions
Before entering, we not only have to reach level 50 but also have 6400 points of equipment. As for the difficulty, we don't need to worry too much. After all, it is definitely not as difficult as 4 people. When we enter Dungeons, we will board a speeding train in the night and take risks with our companions!

Mysterious monitor

When you enter Dungeons, there will be a red light chasing us. If we stop, the red light will catch up and cause a small amount of damage to us.

Walking chain

The mobs in Dungeons are naturally easy to eliminate. When the road is not working, don't panic. Look at the other hidden routes around them (such as the chain link between the trains on the roof).
When walking the chain, players should pay attention to their feet and avoid falling too fast (the fall will not kill, but will lose a certain amount of blo…

MapleStory 2 Blaknov No.1 clearance guide

MapleStory 2 Blaknov No.1 is a 50-level Dungeons, which is less difficult and suitable for players to use. The following is a brief introduction to Blaknov No.1. I hope everyone can get through the Dungeons and get the equipment.

Blaknov No.1 enters the requirements of level 50, equipped with 5900 points, drops to produce various professional limit sets and spare parts, as well as exclusive weapons for assassins: Willy Wen card darts, as well as violent earrings, rings.
On the whole, the Dungeons output is very suitable for the transition of the 50-level players. Violent rings and earrings can be used for jewelry punching, helping the transition players to solve the jewelry opening problem. Let's take a look at Dungeons. Let's go.

First, enter the Dungeons and follow the prompts to clean up the mobs. After climbing the stairs, you will be prompted to destroy the Charolo trainen. After destroying the monster, you can continue to move forward. The mobs on the road do not need pl…

How to Beat the Ice Storm Challenges in Fortnite

Fortnite's most current live event has just concluded as well as the complete map is covered in snow. Brought on by the Ice King, players may have to cope with this altered environment, which capabilities fog and hordes of Icy Fiends. Epic Games has also incorporated 13 exceptional challenges which might be tied for the Ice Storm occasion. Anyone who beats all 13 challenges will unlock a new glider.

For all those unfamiliar with how Fortnite's occasion challenges function, they can't all be completed ideal away. Rather, every day, Epic Games releases two extra until all of them are unlocked. As a result of this, we are going to be updating this post every day with how to finish the other Ice Storm challenges. Furthermore, seven in the challenges were leaked ahead of time.

We'll be like them beneath, but there is a likelihood Epic Games alters the needs. Because of this, take any from the challenges listed with (Leak) soon after it using a grain of salt.

If you'd li…

Well-known Fortnite Streamer Hits 100K Kills

All through 2018, a few of Fortnite's greatest players continually one-upped each other, raising and re-raising the records for kills within a single match of battle royale. Amidst this heated competition, particular other players had their sights set on distinct elimination objectives, in addition to a specifically ambitious one was ultimately reached on Sunday.

Casting to an elated group of subscribers, followers, and fans, well-known Twitch streamer HighDistortion became the initial Fortnite player to attain 100,000 total kills on January 20. The Team SoloMid member produced the elimination that put his kill count at six digits at the oft-popular Tilted Towers.

"I know 100k elims might not imply anything to some," HighDistortion wrote on Twitter following his accomplishment. "To me even though this is an accumulation of anything I've ground for involving my 1st kill all of the way 100k."

There was a time when it appeared that Blevins may possibly essenti…

How MapleStory 2 Outputs Harm Maximization Soul Binder's Equipment Attribute Analysis

Adventure Island 2 updated the long-awaited Soul Binder career of the Islanders. I believe many players have utilized the potion to attain the complete level, but many players are interested but hesitate how you can match the experienced equipment. Tips on how to decide on, then let us explain each and every 1 below.

To understand a profession, initial understand its output mode and talent traits, no matter if there is certainly attribute harm, and so on. Soul Binder as a remote occupation, you could choose the remote harm attribute, the additional popular defense penetration within the present copy - Boss damage is also exactly the same Appropriate for Soul Binder.

Then the priority order is: Defense Penetration > Boss Harm > Remote Damage, Double Vocabulary Attribute Selection for Defense Penetration/Boss Damage, Defense Penetration/Remote Damage, Present Well known Defense Penetration + Boss Harm Price is extra high-priced, if players Just like the economic attributes, it is …

Fortnite Annual Revenue Most in Gaming History, Says Analyst

Fortnite's accomplishment in 2018 was unprecedented based on a report lately released by data evaluation firm SuperData. In line with the researcher's annual report, Fortnite has accomplished the “most annual revenue of any game in history” for the year 2018. The record cement's Fortnite's legacy and tends to make clear just how profoundly the battle royale genre has impacted the video game sector.

In line with SuperData's research, Fortnite managed a staggering $2.four billion in revenue in 2018, an important percentage of your free-to-play market's $87.7 billion in income all around. It reached this quantity purely by means of maximizing sales by way of its battle pass system and microtransactions, lots of which have been limited in availability. SuperPass estimates that as several as 34% of Fortnite players purchased the game’s battle passes on a regular basis, which makes clear why games including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Contact of Duty: Black Ops 4,…

Fortnite: Exactly where to find Expedition Outposts for Week 7 Challenge

Season 7 of Fortnite is rapidly approaching the end, providing players only three a lot more weeks to complete any outstanding challenges till the anticipated subsequent season kicks off. With a new week here, new challenges, both free of charge and as part of the seasonal Battle Pass, are accessible to Battle Royale players to earn extra XP and stars. For all those who have the Battle Pass, here’s the way to find all Expedition Outposts.

When not overly complicated, acquiring all seven of Fortnite’s Expedition Outposts will demand some preparing, especially for all those players who attempt to accomplish this all in one match. Thankfully, all seven could be observed around the in-game map, appearing like tiny red houses. The buildings themselves are quick, red structures that appeared at the get started of season 7, so it’s likely that players know exactly where some are currently. Far better, however, lots of them function wonderful escape tools like a Stormwing or zip line, so play…

Fortnite Week 7, Season 7 Secret Battle Star Place

Fortnite's Week 7 challenges are just around the corner, so it's time to uncover the hiding location of your Secret Battle Star. With the loading screen recently leaked, we are able to conveniently deduce the place on the Week 7, Season 7 Secret Battle Star in Fortnite. Bear in mind, this will likely only seem soon after you’ve completed all of the challenges for Week 7. If they are not accomplished then don’t bother hunting for this absolutely free tier.

To seek out the Week 7, Season 7 Secret Battle Star head to Polar Peaks and land outside on the castle. Head inside and go towards the key throne room, which must have quite a few ice crystals formed about the seat. You'll come across this Battle Star around the left side from the throne if you're searching at in the entrance.

This is a fairly effortless Secret Battle Star to obtain, but it is best to count on a fight if you are dropping here. Polar Peaks is fairly preferred, so make certain to grab some loot before y…

Fortnite Ice Ball Teases Big Ice Storm Occasion

Fortnite's most current update has produced many modifications to the battle royale game, with among the list of greatest becoming the return of glider re-deploy as a limited-use item. The battle royale map itself is mainly unchanged as of the update, together with the exception becoming Polar Peak, which now features a giant ice ball floating above it.

Some Fortnite players might be questioning what an enormous ice ball is performing above Polar Peak, and it seems to become tied to an upcoming “ice storm” event. As teased by noted Fortnite leaker Lucas7oshi on Twitter, it seems the ice ball is going to gradually adjust in the coming weeks, using the Ice King ultimately doing a thing that will trigger a new occasion.

Proper now the running theory is that this event is going to be comparable towards the cube occasion from the final season, which saw cube monsters invade the battle royale map. This time around, it seems the enemies will likely be ice-themed, although they should rea…

Glider Re-deploy Returning to Fortnite through 7.20 Patch

The controversial Glider re-deploy mechanic is producing a return to Fortnite with the 7.20 patch, but with a single key alter. Previously, players would just be capable of summoning their glider as soon as they were falling from a certain height. This proved too potent plus the added mobility removed punishing players for constructing so high up. Even so, the re-deployable glider will now take up an inventory slot.

In news release, Epic Games explained their selection to move the re-deployable glider to the inventory space.

The shift to it being an inventory item will certainly help add some much-needed balance towards the glider. Given how minimal your inventory space actually is, we suspect some players will choose the Grappling Hook or Rift-to-Go over this item. In actual fact, it’s a lot more than plausible that this item may possibly get passed over very a little. Although being able to fly around the go is highly effective, it’s far significantly less practical unless you need …

Soul Binder's most comprehensive Raiders How to become a big man from the novice Past 1

The new professional Soul Binder has finally come out, many newbies want to choose this profession, and many people want to create a Soul Binder trumpet, then teach you how to slowly become a big man.
Let's start with the steps to change from 0 bases to master.

Starting a newbie
Level 50 is the beginning. The fastest upgrade before the 50th level is to follow the main line. You can reach 50 on less than one day. If you don't want to upgrade manually, you can go to the mall to buy a 5888 blue mushroom coin direct gift package, provided that the role in the same account reaches 50.

Second, equipment selection
In the story, a lot of gold coins will be given. These coins should be used as start-up funds. The weapons are recommended to buy beyond the Orb (the best purple weapon). Armor is recommended to buy the Spiritual Craftsman series (the highest defense purple).
Necklaces, earrings, and rings, you can choose to attack the speed and hit the attributes of the blue jewelry when the…

Fortnite Nerfs X-4 Stormwing Plane

Ever considering the fact that Fortnite Battle Royale's introduction with the X-4 Stormwing fighter plane, players on the wildly common multiplayer sandbox survival shooter happen to be clamoring for Epic Games to limit the vehicle's skills in some way, shape, or type. Now, it appears as of those who believed the flying apparatus to be overpowered are acquiring their wish, as the developer's most up-to-date update for the free-to-play title has nerfed the X-4 Stormwing in far more strategies than one particular.

In line with the patch notes for Fortnite Battle Royale's Content material Update v7.ten, the X-4 Stormwing fighter plane has had its stats adjusted so that the knockback a player receives after being hit by it has been decreased by 70%. What's far more is the fact that the harm done for the vehicle from colliding with structures has been enhanced by 50%, and impact damage reduction though boosting by means of structures has been lowered from 50% to 25%.


Fortnite: In which to uncover the Air Targeted visitors Control Tower

The Fortnite Season seven Week five problems are well to get a few days now, and so they include greater than one multi-step challenge. 1 with the multi-step challenges in Season 7 Week five of Fortnite has gamers dancing on top of a variety of landmarks dotted about the battle royale map, but some may have trouble discovering the place exactly they really need to dance.

The third and final landmark Fortnite players have to dance on will be the Air Website traffic Control Tower, that's a rather new addition towards the game. The Air Website traffic Handle Tower could be observed during the winter biome, which dominates the southwestern portion with the map. The tower itself is located at Frosty Flights and includes a massive satellite dish on best of it. So long as the Air Targeted traffic Control Tower hasn’t been destroyed by other gamers, it must be effortlessly spotted.

Soon after arriving at Frosty Flights, players can have to have towards the incredibly major on the tower. D…

MapleStory 2 New Professional Soul Binder comprehensive analysis Past 2

Through the introduction of previous skills, everyone should have a certain understanding of the Soul Binder profession. So next, we will give a simple explanation of Soul Binder's equipment attributes and gems.

1. Equipment selection
Soul Binder's fitting is the same as other professions. The ultimate goal is epic equipment. In the early days, Soul Binder mainly recommended the use of violent suits.
The attack speed bonus of the violent suit will make Soul Binder gain a lot. In addition, in the choice of other equipment, because most of Soul Binder's skills are attribute-free,
So don't deliberately stack attribute damage, more choices for defense penetration, boss damage, and attack speed and hit jewelry.

2. Gems selection
Soul Binder's fashion gem is the same as other legal professions. The choice of magical attack fashion gemstones has the highest yield, while the jewelry gemstones have a good gemstone in the case of lower gemstones.
And when you have a combat gem…

MapleStory 2 New Professional Soul Binder comprehensive analysis Past 1

The new boss Zakun has brought great challenges to the Islanders. Balkan and the sorcerer have once again made a comeback. Behind this Dungeons, the new profession, Soul Binder, has also attracted the interest of the Islanders.
Today, let's take a look at Soul Binder's unique gameplay.

Career profile
Background story: A mysterious practitioner who can control the power of nature as he pleases! They are members of the mysterious orc sect, one of the guides. They exercise and strengthen their spirit and body by balancing the power of nature.
Age: 12-15 years old.
Features: Only know the simple type of combat. The battle was very impulsive, and at other times I was indifferent to everything.
Positioning: Master, Explosive, Fast Attack combo.
Main attribute: intelligence.

Occupation plus points:
After Soul Binder reaches level 50, depending on the positioning, there are a variety of ways to add points. Here we focus on the Soul Binder way of padding out the output genre.
Core output skil…