How does WOW Classic Priest choose the right business skills?

Trying to decide which WoW Classic professional to play? Leveling from 1-60 takes a considerably amount of time, and there are no ‘trial characters’ in vanilla, so choosing the right class up front is more important than it is on Live.

Next, U4gm will use the Priest class to analyze the characteristics of different professions. You can choose your favorite professional skills according to this standard.

Professional skills analysis:
1.Mining and Herbalism: Priest basically uses the Holy talent after 60, this talent does not have the ability to face danger alone in the wild. If you like Mining and Herbalism very much, it is better to practice a Rogue trumpet, which is not recommended for Priest.

2. Tailoring: The pre-package and Faith series suits are basically useless in the later stage, because the finished materials are not cheap, and upgrading the Tailoring skills requires a lot of cloth. If you have enough WOW Classic Gold, after making the Faith suit, You can give up Tailoring.

3.Engineering: Raid is useful, especially in the late stage, the best companion for pvp. Iron Grenade allows you to have more control skills. Various bombs can be used to blow up the door. You can make a profit by doing Deadly Blunderbuss in the early stage because it is "Warsong Saw Blades" the necessities of the mission (we mentioned it in another article on the Priest upgrade mission), but the ore is not cheap, it is a functional skill, and learning it takes a lot of Gold.

4.Enchanting: The biggest feature of Classic WOW is the social interaction between players. Enchanting is one of the best street skills of Priest in the main city. If you have a bunch of friends who can support you enough green equipment, then it is right. Don't take the cost in the early stage, increase the Enchanting level as much as possible, and make absolute money after getting advanced formula. The representative works are "Enchant Weapon - Crusader", "Enchant Weapon - Icy Chill", "Enchant Weapon - Agility", Molten Core also With a more powerful formula, if you get these powerful formulas, you will be noticed by many people and will also earn a lot of Gold.

5.Alchemy: Whether it is PVE or PVP, if there is enough potion, it is the best situation. And it is one of the few earning skills in Classic WOW. The market demand for making Arcanite Bar is very large, and all kinds of anti-injury potions can make you make a fortune. The previous "Strong Troll's Blood Potion" and "Frost" Oil" these two quest items will allow you to earn the first pot of gold. The herbs you need are purchased directly in AH. The items needed for more tasks will not be lost. In the later stage, you will be able to resist the damage. Elixir of the Mongoose, Greater Arcane Elixir, Restorative Potion, these items are very popular, so it seems that Alchemy is a socially enhanced skill that is as recommended as Enchanting.

6. Leatherworking: Devilsaur series and Refined Deeprock Salt are more profitable, especially the latter, not only the cooling time is shorter than the monthly cloth, but also the price is still high, but it seems that the leather training is more suitable, Priest does not recommend.

7. Blacksmithing: The tank's exclusive skills need to be upgraded. The Arcanite Reaper is very good in the early stage. Arcanite Rod is the one that Enchanting must use, but it is still not suitable for the cloth occupation. It is not recommended.

As can be seen from the above, the most valuable potential in Classic WOW is Enchanting and Alchemy.

For Alchemy, in the early stage, you can acquire herbs from AH to improve your skills as soon as possible, and do more quest items from Alchemy, such as "Strong Troll's Blood Potion" and "Frost Oil". The "Uldaman Reagent Run" task gets the Restorative Potion.

As for Enchanting skills, many high-end drawings require corresponding reputation to purchase.

In general, these two majors are more expensive. In the process of upgrading the level, you need a lot of Gold support. If you don't have enough Gold, please go to the safe and fast trading platform U4GM, where there is a very cheap Classic WOW Gold Sell.

For more information on Priest's Guide, please click here.


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