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Beautiful Clothing in WOW Classic

There are many kinds of clothes that Tailor can make in WOW Classic. Most of the clothes have some attributes, but a small part of the clothes only pay attention to the appearance, there is no actual performance, because it is only for viewing.

If you only look at the name of the clothes, you don't think there is anything special. For better display, U4N will share some of the effects of the game here, including the materials it needs. If you are interested, you can pick one. A favorite piece of clothing, wearing it to take pictures in the scenic Azeroth.

Simple Dress

Simple Kilt

Colorful Kilt

White Woolen Dress

Simple Black Dress

White Wedding Dress

Tuxedo Jacket

Tuxedo Pants

Finally, share a form, and interested Tailor can make your favorite clothes according to the materials listed in the form.

WOW Classic's most complete Blacksmith upgrade guide lets you quickly reach 300

Old players of WOW know that Blacksmith is a very expensive professional, but also a very profitable professional. Many players waste a lot of time and money in order to raise the profession to full level.

In order to reduce unnecessary consumption, through the collection and organization of data, here is a guide to the fastest upgrade of Blacksmith professional, hoping to help players who like Blacksmith professional.

During the upgrade process, if the recipe is red, the skill will definitely improve. Yellow, the higher probability increase (assuming 80%); green, only a small probability increase (assuming 20%).

The main route of this guide is the weapons master and the Glimmering Mithril Insignia (the symbol of the blacksmith). The branch task of the weapons master is not introduced here.

Here is the fastest upgrade process, but due to time, the requirements of some tasks are not listed in detail. If you want to see the detailed guide, Please Click Here, which contains some of Black…

WOW Classic Protection Warrior The Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair Talent Plus Guide

In WOW Classic, Protection Warrior is the only choice for the best tank, and the return of the talent tree gives Warrior more choices. Among the two Dungeons of The Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair, Protection Warrior has three stages from initial stage to final shape according to different needs, each stage needs different talents to deal with. Below U4N will list the corresponding talents for each of the three different phases.

1. mt's defense talent during the land reclamation period:

Piercing Howl is mainly used to cope with the second stage of Ragnaros and Onyxia. It is almost impossible to pull hatred. It is still possible to gather the mobs as much as possible, slow down and be more reliable.
Improved Demoralizing Shout is also very important. When the equipment is not up to date, reducing the attack power of Boss can greatly increase the survival probability of Protection Warrior.
Improved Shield Wall, mainly to deal with Molten Core's Boss.
In addition, the location o…