WOW Classic The most detailed Priest PVE/PVP exclusive weapon mission guide - 3

In the previous article, we explained in detail the 'The Eye of Divinity' mission process. After getting the 'The Eye of Divinity' from the box dropped by Majordomo Executus, Priest must equip it to get the next clue.

This clue will tell you that when Undead Scourge invaded, there was a Priest - Eris Havenfire trying to save some farmers from fleeing, but under the attack of Undead Scourge, she failed. You have to complete her unfinished business.

U4GM will detail how to complete the task based on this clue in the next article.

Go to Stratholme and look for Eris Havenfire, a hole in the northwest of Stratholme, with coordinates <22,18>. This Priest can only be seen after you have equipped the 'The Eye of Divinity'. Listen to her story about her. If you agree to help her, you can receive a mission that only succeeds and does not fail - protect the farmer get away.

Eris Havenfire Location

You must always wear 'The Eye of Divinity' throughout the mission. You must protect 50 farmers from the successful escape before the 15 farmers die. These farmers will appear in the vicinity of the cave in groups of 10 and then head east. These farmers are close to Eris Havenfire. When these farmers go to Eris Havenfire, they will be attacked by Undead Mage, these Undead Mage can not be killed, you can only continue to treat those farmers to ensure their survival.

In addition, Undead Worrior, which is a close-knit attack, will be refreshed. These Undead Worriors will attack you in addition to attacking the farmer. In addition to Undead Mage and Undead Worrior, there are some poisonous clouds on the way to the farmers. You must constantly treat those poisoned farmers, otherwise the poison will quickly take away the lives of those farmers.

How to complete this extremely difficult task?
First, U4GM recommends forming a five-person team. In addition to you, you need two Paladins, one Warlock and one Mage.

These players who help you must stand above the NPC and can't do the slightest move, or your mission will fail. However, as long as you stand still at the designated location, Paladin's aura will still be able to provide you with considerable help.

Please make the following preparations, although these preparations are not absolutely necessary, but if the task fails, it will take 2 hours to re-take the task. By contrast, full preparation is better than repeated waiting.

It's best to change your talent once again. Don't let go of WOW Classic Gold. This money is negligible for the entire task.

Buff to be added:
Power Word: Fortitude, Inner Fire, Arcane Intellect, Mark of the Wild.

3 types of BUFF for the Un'Goro Crater Pylon mission:
Crystal Ward
Increases target armor by 200 for 30 minutes.

Crystal Force
Increases the target spirit by 30 for 30 minutes.

Crystal Spire
Gives the target 12 damage damage for 30 minutes.

Divine Spirit, Nightfin Soup and other buff-effect cooking foods, how much you can eat.

Of course, we are not limited to these buffs. Some quests will have some buff rewards, and some quest bonus items will also provide good buffs. As long as you can get it, recommends adding it all.

Items to be prepared
From Stratholme's supply box, Stratholme Holy Water, Limited Invulnerability Potion, HP Potion and MP Potion, Demonic Rune (reducing HP to increase MP after eating), the fruits of those plants that can be harvested at Felwood, Blasted Lands mission The +50 Intellect item lasts for an hour after use.

These things will help you a lot during the entire mission, so you'd better have them all ready before going to the Eastern Plaguelands.

Before the mission begins, you'd better press the 'V' button to show the blood on the farmer's head so that you can lock a farmer by clicking on the bloodline without having to click on them. body.

When the farmers are very vulnerable, they have very few HPs. If you don't start treating them right away, they will die soon. Most people fail because they did not treat the farmers in time.

When the first group of farmers arrives at the safe spot, the second group will follow. So you have to go to the refresh point as soon as possible, ready to start treatment for the second group of farmers.

It should be noted that after the second group of farmers refreshed, there will be some close-fighting Undead Worrior. It's best to scare them away with Psychic Scream, and these Undead Worrior won't be immune to scare.

When these Undead Worriors appear, if you are causing hatred for the farmer's treatment, Undead Worrior will turn to attack you, so you can guarantee that they will not attack the vulnerable farmers.

When those Undead are close to you, immediately use Stratholme Holy Water as your center, and you will find this trick very effective. Pay attention to saving your MP. Every point of your MP determines whether you and your protected farmer can survive.

Skills and keyboard distribution
Put the healing spells on the most convenient shortcuts, 9-level Power Word: Shield, 7-level Flash Heal, 9-level Renew, Fade are placed in the keyboard 1, 2, 3, 4 positions, during the entire mission, you Just use these 4 skills.

It is useless for the group to add blood, because these farmers and you are not in a team. When the farmers are about to reach a safe spot, add a Renew to those who are less than 50% blood, and then you can go back to the starting point and wait for the next group of farmers to arrive.

Use HP Potion, MP Potion, Renew, don't use Flash Heal and Greater Heal, it will waste your time and make it harder for you to protect your farmer's tasks.

In general, you have to escort at least 6 groups of farmers to a safe spot. Don't think that a farmer will not be able to complete the task.

After completing this task, you will receive the Splinter of Nordrassil.

As can be seen from the above guide, this task is still very difficult. Just the potion that needs to be prepared in the early stage, you need to spend some Gold, you can go to, With a small amount of money, you can get enough use of WOW Classic Gold, which will make you easier in the game without spending too much time.

For more guidance, please read the WOW Classic Career Guide.


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