The best way to get massive skill point chains and cars in Forza Horizon 5

 Forza Horizon 5 has the difficult task of amassing the massive skill point chains required for rewards, and there are a few tricks experienced players can use to keep skill chains alive that can often reach astronomical sums.

With enough skill points, players can unlock the Car Master in the game. Obtaining this title can bring players many rewards, including Super Wheelspins, a certain number of Forza Horizon 5 credits, and mysterious car rewards.

The best way to get a lot of skill point chains

If you want to get a lot of skill point chains in the game, you can drift on the selected road, hit objects, or make specific turns, but the best solution is to destroy some small objects during the drift, as follows. The video perfectly demonstrates the feasibility of this solution.

Some vehicles have an additional skill that applies a multiplier to the skill chain. Use these FH5 Cars with additional skills to gain more FH5 CR in the same amount of time.

Cars with extra skills

  • Hoonigan RS200
  • BMW X5 M Forza Edition
  • Ford Racing Puma Forza Edition
  • Sesto Elemento Forza Edition
  • Gymkhana 10 Ford Hoonicorn Mustang

Frankly speaking, these vehicles all have specific skills, such as the BMW X5 M Forza Edition, which is one of the best SUVs in FH5. It not only increases your skill chain score by 20% but also makes the skill chain in Breaks after two collisions instead of one.

The best car is the Hoonigan RS200, which has an extra ability that allows it to generate chains 2.5 times faster than normal and has a 7x points multiplier on top of that.

If you can afford it or pick up one cheaply at an auction house, the Hoonigan RS200 is well worth having in your garage, it handles really well, is really fast, and is equally capable of delivering some off-road magic with the right tune-up.

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