Effects of elements ignored by the system on JUMPSHOT - 2K23

 Release Height is essential data in JUMPSHOT. Many players already understand this, but what is the drift position? Some players may need to look into this problem in the game.

The drift position refers to the comparison between the player's part after the body falls and the work at the time of take-off after the player takes off and shoots the ball. The deviation between the two is the drift position.

In order to accurately test the impact of the drift position on JUMPSHOT and Release Height, two different BASEs are selected for testing here, namely Kyle Kuzma and LaMelo Ball, using Oscar Robertson and Romeo Langford.

The results were surprising. BASE: LaMelo Ball improved their Release Height and achieved A+, while BASE: Kyle Kuzma's Release Height was only B+. What caused this?

It can be seen through the slow-motion playback that the body movements of Kyle Kuzma and LaMelo Ball after the jump are completely different. LaMelo Ball will drift like the front, while Kyle Kuzma will retreat to the original place.

In the next shooting test against the defensive players, LaMelo Ball's percentage is significantly higher than Kyle Kuzma's, and the difference between the two is more than three times.

This begs the question, what causes this difference? The test concluded that the elemental influence in the jump shot creator is not in the jump shot statistics, and the system ignores these drifting factors.

Detailed JUMPSHOT test video


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