Now you can use Eznpc points to earn Growtopia Locks

Though you may have the tools at hand for the surgery, Growtopia's Skill Fail system is in place to make surgery anything less than a sure thing. Effectively an RNG type situation where every attempt at surgery is subject to a random fail or success, players will have the opportunity to retry a skill fail – the idea being that the higher the surgeon skill, the fewer failures should be expected (though a power of a 100 only means that your chance of failure will be meager, rather than non-existent).

As Nintendo announced a few days ago, you can now use your Eznpc points to buy Growtopia World Locks on Eshop. If you do n't know, every time you buy a digital or physical game, you will get some gold points, which can reach up to 5% of the digital purchase price, while the actual trolley price is as high as 1%.

It replaces the old Nintendo Club's rewards. Some cool physical prizes spin after a month, so it's a bit sad to see it disappear entirely. Even the "Nintendo Switch Reward" on the main menu of MyNintendo account has disappeared, indicating that Gold Points are the only kind of reward going forward.

However, "free" money is always perfect, you may want to use these points as soon as possible, especially if you bought the Switch when the Switch is on sale because they expire after one year in the US. Therefore, these times will expire at the end of March.

If you are in Europe, they will only expire two years after the original purchase. You can check your balance here and use it on Nintendo's Eshop.

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