How to redeem your Growtopia lock key on

With online games like this that take place in persistent worlds where everyone can interact, you'll no doubt get some people trying to destroy things and generally make life tough for everyone else. In Growtopia you can avoid this issue by purchasing locks that allow you to rope off a portion of the world or even an entire world itself so that only you or anyone you designate can access it.

Click the link that says "Redeem from" in the email.
It will take you directly to the Eznpc website, where you can log in.
Log in and apply the coupon code. The website will show you your successful transaction.

The game will immediately start downloading on the Nintendo Switch device connected to your online account.

Or, if you don't want to log in to your email, you can browse to your Amazon account and redeem the code in the library.

How to redeem on Nintendo Switch:
If it is not installed, please establish an Internet connection on the Nintendo Switch.
Make sure your Nintendo Switch device has the latest system update.
From the Nintendo Switch HOME Menu, select the Growtopia Locks icon.
Select "Enter Code."
Enter your redemption code and click "Send."
Your game will start downloading directly on the Nintendo Switch device.

If you want to get Growtopia Locks from Eznpc, then you can easily use our method and get medals from the corresponding Amazon store in Japan. However, for addresses, we recommend that you use free addresses.

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