Growtopia now allows you to buy Growtopia Locks from Eznpc

Growtopia was originally launched for Android in 2012. However the video game has actually been ported for Microsoft Windows, iphone gadgets, Nintendo Switch over, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

One of the advantages of Growtopia's official strategy of gradually launching Growtopia's features is that although it has suffered many setbacks and criticisms in just a few weeks, you can rest assured that the service will still work. Of course, this also means that you will be trapped on the edge of the seat, waiting for when to implement the function you like. The latest update does not directly affect the service itself, but it allows Growtopia players to browse and purchase games on their desktops, making life easier to buy.

Previously, the only way for Growtopia subscribers to view available games (rather than purchase them) was to pick up the phone and scroll on a relatively small screen. Considering how Growtopia is pushing the platform into a device-independent gaming future, this is almost ironic. Even more ironically, although Growtopia strives to use the recommended method to experience Growtopia, you cannot purchase Growtopia Locks from Chromecast settings.

Fortunately, there was a brief and unexpected Tweet change today. Growtopia users can now open on a desktop computer and browse available games more comfortably on a larger display. And, yes, you can also buy Growtopia Locks from the same online store.

Strangely, it is still not possible to buy Growtopia Locks from Chromecast, but this is a little easier to understand. The dongle and its software are very simple and may not consider the security requirements of online purchases. It is definitely not impossible, but it may take Google more time to figure out how to do this correctly.

Of course, some minor updates are not enough to satisfy some Growtopia users, who are keen to request more and larger updates. However, it seems that some of the biggest criticisms and shortcomings have been resolved quickly, which does illustrate this "game as a service" style of business.

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