WOW Classic Druid's occupational characteristics and employment situation

Druid is a profession in WOW Classic. There are only 2 races to choose from. Alliance is NightElf and Horde is Tauren. U4gm will analyze Druid from two different perspectives of PVE and PVP in the following article.

PVE aspect:
The easiest job to get is basically Restoration Druid, with up to two teams per team, which is useless. And the two Druids have to discuss who is responsible for which team, because Rejuvenation and Regrowth can only exist one person, Innervate must be used on Priest. In addition, Druid can take care of HP for many people with his own healing skills. Because the tank needs a therapist, often causing the other team's other therapists to be insufficient, or there is no therapist, the head of the team often does throw a Druid to fend for themselves, so Druid often needs to take care of many people. A skilled Druid can do a good job of caring for a group of people. In addition, Druid's most important thing in Raid is to use Mark of the Wild skills for teammates.

Feral Combat Druid's DPS performance is average, even if you work hard, DPS is only half of Rogue, and sometimes it may not even be. The main reason for this is that the exclusive equipment is too small, the weapons are acquired too late, and the Molten Core and Blackwing Lair periods are not to be considered for a while. After Ahn'Qiraj was opened, Feral Combat Druid began to formally rise because its first weapon was In Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, the first set is in the temple of Ahn'Qiraj.

Bear shape Druid's armor is really thick, Warlord series complete PVP talent, no Thick Skin talent, no defensive skills, can withstand all the damage of Molten Core BOSS, Boss hatred is also relatively stable, but the disadvantage is that the bear The form can not drink HP potion and the number of life-saving skills is 0, incomplete occupation. From "The Burning Crusade" to Druid added a lot of life-saving skills and attract hate skills, you will know what the bear form Druid in WOW Classic is missing, so in the PVE Bear form Druid has high armor, but Still can not replace Worrior.
Unfortunately, the 60-level bear form Druid's graduation suit is the Warlord series, with high endurance and armor, and the three Warlord series suit effects, whether it is PVP or PVE are extremely useful. Therefore, although the bear form Druid has a certain degree of playability, if you only play PVE, your equipment will never graduate.

In the process of upgrading, Druid's upgrade speed is also slower. The biggest reason is that DPS is very low, but if it can be combined with Mage, the upgrade is still relatively fast, because Mage's DPS is relatively high, AOE ability is very strong, and there are many people. At the time, Druid's ability to grab the task blame is also relatively strong, with Mage's high damage, is a better upgrade combination, provided that Mage is willing to work with you.

For those who do not have a team invitation, Druid is a lower-ranking Dungeon, 40 to Scarlet Monastery, 49 to Zul'Gurub, and 59 to Blackrock Depths. It is really difficult for Druid to upgrade alone. Basically, there will be no tasks for the same level. It can only be used to find low-level tasks. Before doing the task, Druid has almost no chance to participate in raid activities.

And Druid is really good to come to Blackrock Mountain, although it is still very difficult, but the Druid group Taunt is much better than Worrior, and because of the existence of Innervate, the team has a lot of fault tolerance, because there is no Similar to Resurrection's skills, many people feel that the fault tolerance of Feral Combat Druid is too low.

When Balance Druid is active in the guild, the head will not consider it. First, the MP has a short battery life, followed by a low DPS. It is also a spell damage. It is better to use Mage than Balance Druid. Mage's DPS is much higher than Balance Druid.

PVP aspect:
Restoration Druid is basically in the battlefield or in the wild, there is basically no Innervate must give Priest, Rejuvenation and Regrowth can only exist one case, the game experience crushes the Restoration Druid in PVE, as the third good friend of Worrior, although not Adding damage or disarming to Worrior, but it is the only one in the game. Worrior only needs to rush forward and does not need to be distracted to take care of the fire treatment. Restoration Druid's treatment is very flexible, natural immune Mage's Polymorph: Sheep, can also immunize Blind, and after treatment Buff is full, you can also control the scene or recover from the battle to recover MP, the disadvantage is that you can dispel the occupation, you Some treatments are not used at all, because no HOT can be eaten, so Horde
Restoration Druid is cheaper because Alliance does not have a career like Shaman, which is offensively offensive. But the tribe's Druid can only choose Tauren, a large meat target, very easy to be concentrated by the enemy.

Feral Combat Druid is an armor magnifier in PVP. The hard requirement of the equipment is that it must have R13, which is the Warlord or Grand Marshal series. Compared with Rogue, Rogue is two extreme weapons. The damage, Feral Combat Druid is a must-have equipment to be able to see the past, plus the R13 suit effect is not, then your travel form has no other form of cheetah running fast. Anyone who plays Feral Combat Druid PVP will have a good time, that is, as long as you see the person sitting on the ground, you will be completely unable to control yourself. Give him a Ravage when you go up, because this is almost the only way Ravage can crit, after all. Unlike Rogue, I have the talent of Improved Ambush.

Feral Combat Druid has a single battle in PVP. Cat Form starts with Shred, Ferocious Bite, and then uses the bear form. If you can't beat it, use Nature's Grasp, run and restore some HP, and Stealth. Stealth, Stealth can't continue to use bear form.

Battlefield employment is OK, and every team likes to have a paw that can add blood, or Feral Combat Druid, which can be flagged at Warsong Gulch.

Druid can not buy a mount after learning Apprentice Riding in the upgrade process, but it will face the lack of Gold. If you don't want to spend a lot of time in the game to accumulate Gold, you can also choose to go to U4gm, there are many cheap Classics. WOW NA Gold is for sale.

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