Detailed analysis of the most commonly used defensive skills of WOW Classic Shamans

Shamans is a profession in WOW Classic, and in the current version, only Horde can own it. Shamans not only has the ability to attack and heal at the same time, but also has magical defenses like Mage and Priest. In the previous article, we detailed the totem properties of Shamans. Next, U4GM will perform some of the most common magical defense skills of Shamans. Detailed description.

Elemental Shields
Elemental shields are an important  buff that shamans have. The shields are primarily for the shaman, but earth shield is commonly used on someone else in the group. Elemental shields can make a big difference in fights when used correctly.

Lightning Shield
Lightning shield is first obtained at level eight. When cast, this spell places a buff on the shaman that has  three  charges.  Whenever the shaman is hit with a spell, melee, or ranged attack, one of the charges will discharge, and the attack will be hit with XX amount of nature based damage. Only one charge can be discharged  every couple  of seconds. Lightning shield is an instant cast spell, and will commonly be refreshed in a fight where it is being used. Each charge of lightning shield gets 33 percent of your plus spell damage. The buff lasts 10 minutes, or until all three charges are  used.  Enhancement shamans commonly use this when they are soloing, or off-tanking. Lightning shield does produce  a  large amount of threat, so it should not be used in situations where you could gain too much threat and pull the mob away from the main tank.

Earth Shield
Earth Shield is the 41 point talent in the restoration tree. This is the only elemental shield that can be cast on other players. You can have only one earth shield active at a time. Earth shield is a buff that has 10 charges. When hit, a charge will be lost and you will be healed for XX amount of damage. Only one charge will go off every few seconds. Earth shield lasts 10 minutes, or until all 10 charges are used up. When earth shield is first cast, it gains 30 percent of your plus healing gear per charge. This means that you should drop Wrath of Air totem before casting if possible. Also, trinkets that increase healing are commonly used. Earth shield also gives a 30% chance to ignore spell interruption when damaged. This is where a restoration shaman should be putting their 41st talent point. This is a shield that should be used constantly if possible. The downside to Earth shield is that it can be dispelled, and can be spell stolen.

Water Shield
Water Shield is first obtained at level 62. When water shield is cast, the caster gains a buff with three charges. Spells and attacks will discharge one of the charges, in doing so it will give the shaman XX amount of mana back. Also when Water Shield's duration ends, the shaman will get all the mana held in the remaining charges. This makes Water shield perfect for gaining mana both in combat and out of combat. The duration of Water Shield is one minute. This can make it very hard to kill a shaman due to the ability to gain mana back quickly if they are being attacked. They get mana back and can heal. This shield is commonly juggled with Earth shield by restoration shamans. Water shield will be commonly used by elemental and restoration shamans.

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