Is the Dodge Demon in Forza Horizon 4 really so good?

There are actually a wide number of vehicles in the Forza Horizon 4, which have distinctive functions, some for road races and some for off-road championships, the majority of which could be purchased in the shop, but you can find also some automobiles. Unable to obtain by way of the retailer, it demands you to complete a series of tasks to reward you, plus the Dodge Devil is a single of them.

The Stunt Driver All 10 Chapters

Dodge Devil Vehicle Information
The Dodge Challenger The SRT Demon is a muscle car in the Forza Horizon 4 and is known as one of the fastest cars. Powered by Hellcat's upgraded 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engine, it features a 2.7-liter supercharger that produces 14.5 psi (0.99 bar) of boost. To deliver enough air to the engine, the Demon is equipped with the world's largest feature cover. The bucket can inhale 1,150 cubic feet of air per minute, another record for producing cars.

It is the most suitable car for braking, with a specially designed Nitto tow radial, 315 mm wide, which can be adjusted by widening the fender.

How to get the Dodge Devil
Many players want to get it after seeing the introduction, because it is the fastest-accelerating car, and the quarter-mile time is 9.65 seconds. But quite a few players don't know how to get it because it's not sold in stores. To get it, you have to complete the Stunt Driver Horizon Story task and reach level 10 to unlock the car, which means Of all the 10 chapters, you must reach 3 stars in each chapter. A total of 30 stars is required to get level 10 and unlock the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. If you always repeat a chapter, you won't get anything. Some players have completed all 10 chapters, but they have not reached level 10 or have not won 30 stars, and they are not rewarded.

Is the Dodge Devil really so good?
According to some feedback from the players who got the Dodge Devil, it doesn't seem to be as good as in the promotion.
The performance of this car is really disappointing in this game. The dodge demon in real life (bone stock) can pull a sub 10 sec run in a 1/4 mile strip, but in the game while being fully upgraded, the car was Not able to pull a sub 10 sec run in a 1/5 mile strip (in-game strip is less than 1/4 mile). Pretty unfair for such an icon of dragsters. 1000+hp car cant pull a sub 10 sec run , i tried many tunes, but the best i got is 9.79. Is it my fault or the car's?”

Some players also feel slow using drag tires, and think that part of the problem is that the first three files cannot be completed quickly enough. Of course this is the reason why the real car has automation, but the automatic mode of the game will only slow down your speed.

Therefore, some players consider whether to show it at the auction, sell it in exchange for a large number of FH 4 Credits to replace the vehicle. If you dont have a legendary painter/tuner u will sell it for dirt cheap and you will regret getting only like 300 000 for this car.


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