How to travel fast in Forza Horizon 4?

Driving anyplace within the Forza Horizon four has to be an excellent pleasure, as the open planet in the UK is undoubtedly much more realistic and attractive as the seasons and climate change. However, occasionally you may desire to arrive someplace in an instant, which tends to make it essential to master the approach of speedy travel.

Rapid travel just isn't totally free in the Horizon game, and within the original Forza Horizon, it was initially free to go to the primary Horizon internet site. You are able to nevertheless do this in FH4, but you will need to display a menu inside the garage and car or truck and interact using a single vehicle, by way of example: for anyone who is not at the music festival, a message will appear asking if you need to go swiftly, That is absolutely free.

In general, there are two ways to get a quick trip in FH4, one that costs a small amount of Credits and the other that consumes a lot of Credits at once.

The first method, spending a small amount of Credits
From the beginning of the game, if you want to quickly go to activities or other places of interest, it will cost CR, unless you find all the fast travel boards, they are scattered in the game world, and reward you when broken. However, they won't give you a quick trip location. Each fast travel board reduces the cost of using fast travel to other locations.

The purpose of the fast travel board is to gradually reduce the price of fast travel to zero, and all fast travel boards will eventually be found. After you destroy the first board, a holiday person will talk to you.

The second method, spending a lot of Credits at once
If you want to travel fast anywhere, and don't want to spend a lot of time looking for a fast travel board, you can only do it by buying a house. To unlock the ability to travel fast anywhere in Forza Horizon 4, you need to buy a fairly expensive mansion in the south of Edinburgh.

Fairlawn Manor is a luxury mansion located in the heart of the map, in the upper Forza Horizon 4 home. This hotel offers the convenience of fast travel anytime, anywhere, while offering 10 Super Wheelspins for free and showcasing your wealth through a beautiful silver hat. It allows you to travel quickly anywhere on the map, which is very convenient, but it takes a lot of FH4 Credits to buy it.

The first method, while spending a small amount of Credits, requires you to invest a lot of time and effort in finding a fast travel board. It also consumes CR in the process of searching. If you want to experience the fun of the game, it is worthwhile. The second method, while simple and convenient, requires a lot of CR, which requires consideration of how to get a lot of Credits in the game.

Final summary:
1. Go to the festival venue and the house you own, which costs money.
2. Destroy the fast travel board, reduce costs, and smash all the fast travel boards after the price is zero.
3. Purchase Fairlawn Manor or something else to unlock the "Fast Travel Anywhere" privilege.


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